2007 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships

2007 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships
DatesJune 20–24
Host cityIndianapolis, Indiana
VenueIU Michael A. Carroll Track & Soccer Stadium
Events40 (men: 20; women: 20)

The 2007 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships was organised by USA Track & Field and held from June 20 to 24 at the IU Michael A. Carroll Track & Soccer Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. The four-day competition served as the national championships in track and field for the United States and also the trials for the 2007 World Championships in Athletics.[1]

It was the fifth time that the stadium in Indianapolis had held the combined gender national track and field event, and the second time consecutively following its hosting of the 2006 edition.[2] The USA Junior Championships were held in conjunction with the event and Rynell Parson set a world youth best of 10.22 to win the men's 100 m.[3]

Athletes that finished in the top three of their event and held the IAAF qualifying standard were eligible to represent the United States at the 2007 World Championships. The United States was able to send three athletes per event to the competition, excluding any American reigning world champions, who received automatic qualification separate from the national selection.[4] The World Championships national selection for the marathon and 50 kilometres walk were incorporated into the discrete national championship meets for those events. Selection for the relay races were made by committee.[5]

Eight Americans went on to win an individual gold medal at the 2007 World Championships. Double sprint national champion Tyson Gay (the only athlete to win two national titles that year) repeated that feat with 100 m and 200 m world title wins. The 5000 m national champion Bernard Lagat won both that event and the 1500 m at the World Championships. Gay, Lagat, Brad Walker, Reese Hoffa, and Allyson Felix were the five athletes to win both national and world titles that year. Jeremy Wariner and Michelle Perry defended their world titles despite not winning their specialities nationally that year. Kerron Clement was runner-up in the men's 400 m hurdles in Indianapolis, but was unmatched at the World Championships in Osaka.[6]

Several athletes extended their unbeaten runs at national level. Khadevis Robinson had a third straight win in the men's 800 m. Men's javelin thrower Breaux Greer had an eighth straight win.[7] Treniere Clement had her third win over 1500 m, while Dana Pounds brought an end to Kim Kreiner's unbeaten run in the women's javelin, which dated back to 2004.[8]


Key:  Not selected for World Championships in Athletics due to failure to reach IAAF qualifying standard within the specified time limit.

Men track events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 meters Tyson Gay 9.84 MR Trindon Holliday 10.07 Walter Dix 10.09
200 meters Tyson Gay 19.62 MR Wallace Spearmon 19.89 Rodney Martin 20.18
400 meters Angelo Taylor 44.05 LaShawn Merritt 44.06 Lionel Larry 44.84
800 meters Khadevis Robinson 1:44.37 Nick Symmonds 1:45.17 Duane Solomon 1:45.69
1500 meters Alan Webb 3:34.82 MR Leonel Manzano 3:35.29 Bernard Lagat 3:35.55
5000 meters Bernard Lagat 13:30.73 Matt Tegenkamp 13:31.31 Adam Goucher 13:31.50
10,000 meters Abdihakem Abdirahman 28:13.51 Galen Rupp 28:23.31 Dathan Ritzenhein 28:31.88
110 m hurdles Terrence Trammell 13.08 Dominique Arnold 13.17 David Oliver 13.18
400 m hurdles James Carter 47.72 Kerron Clement 47.80 Derrick Williams 48.26
3000 m s'chase Joshua McAdams 8:24.46 Aaron Aguayo 8:27.01 Tom Brooks 8:27.34
20 km walk Kevin Eastler 1:26:43.28 Tim Seaman 1:28:17.82 Matthew Boyles 1:28:40.20

Men field events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
High jump Jim Dilling 2.27 m Jamie Nieto 2.24 m Not awarded
Adam Shunk 2.24 m
Pole vault Brad Walker 5.70 m Jeff Hartwig 5.70 m Jacob Pauli 5.70 m
Long jump Dwight Phillips 8.36 m Miguel Pate 8.24 m Trevell Quinley 8.24 m
Triple jump Aarik Wilson 17.06 m Lawrence Willis 16.97 m Marc Kellman 16.74 m
Shot put Reese Hoffa 21.47 m Dan Taylor 21.00 m Adam Nelson 20.54 m
Discus throw Michael Robertson 64.04 m Ian Waltz 63.60 m Jarred Rome 63.56 m
Hammer throw A. G. Kruger 78.10 m Kibwe Johnson 75.12 m Thomas Freeman 74.39 m
Javelin throw Breaux Greer 91.29 m AR NR Mike Hazle 75.06 m Justin St. Clair 74.71 m
Decathlon Tom Pappas 8352 pts Paul Terek 8064 pts Jake Arnold 7921 pts

Women track events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 meters Torri Edwards 11.02 Lauryn Williams 11.16 Carmelita Jeter 11.17
200 meters Allyson Felix 22.34 Sanya Richards 22.43 Torri Edwards 22.55
400 meters DeeDee Trotter 49.64 Natasha Hastings 49.84 Mary Wineberg 50.24
800 meters Alysia Johnson 1:59.47 Hazel Clark 1:59.60 Alice Schmidt 1:59.63
1500 meters Treniere Clement 4:07.04 Christin Wurth 4:07.86 Erin Donohue 4:08.22
5000 meters Shalane Flanagan 14:51.75 Jennifer Rhines 15:08.53 Michelle Sikes 15:09.28
10,000 meters Deena Kastor 31:57.00 Kara Goucher 32:33.80 Katie McGregor 32:44.69
100 m hurdles Virginia Powell 12.63 Michelle Perry 12.72 Lolo Jones 12.79
400 m hurdles Tiffany Williams 53.28 Sheena Johnson 53.29 Nicole Leach 54.49
3000 m s'chase Jennifer Barringer 9:34.64 Anna Willard 9:34.72 Lindsey Anderson 9:40.74
20 km walk Teresa Vaill 1:37:28.70 Jolene Moore 1:39:24.14 Samantha Cohen 1:40:53.23

Women field events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
High jump Amy Acuff 1.89 m Sharon Day 1.89 m Destinee Hooker 1.86 m
Pole vault Jennifer Stuczynski 4.45 m Niki McEwen 4.45 m Lacy Janson
Jillian Schwartz
4.35 m
Long jump Grace Upshaw 6.74 m Brittney Reese 6.67 m Rose Richmond 6.60 m
Triple jump Shani Marks 14.08 m Yvette Lewis 13.59 m Erica McLain 13.57 m
Shot put Kristin Heaston 18.74 m Jillian Camarena 18.50 m Sarah Stevens 18.02 m
Discus throw Suzy Powell 60.63 m Becky Breisch 59.89 m Summer Pierson 56.79 m
Hammer throw Brittany Riley 72.41 m Kristal Yush 68.24 m Jessica Cosby 68.21 m
Javelin throw Dana Pounds 59.65 m Kim Kreiner 58.17 m Anna Raynor 53.77 m
Heptathlon Hyleas Fountain 6090 pts Diana Pickler 6029 pts Virginia Johnson 6002 pts

World Championships qualification

Automatic byes

A total of ten American athletes received automatic byes into the 2007 World Championships in Athletics as a result of their being the defending champions from the 2005 World Championships in Athletics.[9] Justin Gatlin was the reigning world champion in the men's 100 m and 200 m but was ineligible for competition due to a doping ban.[10]

Non-top three selections

College runners Trindon Holliday and Walter Dix, who both placed top three in the men's 100 m opted not to compete at the World Championships, with fourth and fifth placers Mark Jelks and J-Mee Samuels taking their places. Joint runner-up in the men's high jump, Adam Shunk, did not achieve the qualifying mark and fourth place Jesse Williams was selected instead. Eight place finisher in the men's javelin, Eric Brown, was one of only two Americans with the qualifying standard and thus gained selection.[11][12]

As Dwight Phillips won the national long jump while receiving a bye as defending world champion, the fourth placer Walter Davis was the United States' fourth selection for that event. Kenta Bell – who finished third but failed a doping test at the championships – was the fourth choice for the men's triple jump (in which Davis was defending champion) as he was the only other American with the standard and his three-month doping ban expired before the World Championships.[13] Noah Bryant was fourth in the men's shot put and gained selection due to reigning world champion Adam Nelson's bye.[11][12]

Allyson Felix was fourth in the 100 m but gained selection as Lauryn Williams already qualified as world champion. LaShauntea Moore entered the 200 m on the same basis, due to Felix's own world champion bye, while 100 m hurdles fourth placer Nichole Denby benefited from Michelle Perry's bye.[11][12]

Erin Aldrich was only seventh in the women's high jump, but took America's second spot as the only other athlete with the standard. Joint third placers in the pole vault, Lacy Janson and Jillian Schwartz had both achieved a qualifying mark of 4.50 m that year, but selectors opted to choose Schwartz for the national team. Cecilia Barnes, fourth place in the women's discus, got preference over third place Summer Pierson due to the former having the standard.[11][12]


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