2009 World Masters Athletics Championships

2009 World Masters Athletics Championships
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Dates28 July - 8 August 2009
Host cityLahti, Finland
VenueLahden Stadion
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Participation4948 athletes from
96[1] nations
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Coordinates: 60°58′59″N 25°38′03″E / 60.983056°N 25.634167°E / 60.983056; 25.634167 (Lahden Stadion)

Radiomäen urheilukenttä
Lahden kisapuisto

2009 World Masters Athletics Championships is the eighteenth in a series of World Masters Athletics Outdoor Championships that took place in Lahti, Finland from 28 July to 8 August 2009. [2]

The main venue was Lahden Stadion located within Lah­den Ur­hei­lukeskus. [1] Supplemental venues included Radiomäen urheilukenttä in Radiomäki, Nastola Sport Field, Kisapuisto Field for throwing events, [3] and Fellmaninpuisto for start and finish of the Marathon. [4]

This Championships was organized by World Masters Athletics (WMA) in coordination with a Local Organising Committee (LOC): Virpi Hurri, Hannu Nurminen, Pekka Mäki-Reinikka.

The WMA is the global governing body of the sport of athletics for athletes 35 years of age or older, setting rules for masters athletics competition. [5]

In addition to a full range of track and field events, [6] [7] non-stadia events included 8K Cross Country, 10K Race Walk (women), 20K Race Walk (men), and Marathon.


Past Championships results are archived at WMA; [8] the 2009 results are available as a searchable pdf. [9] Additional archives are available from British Masters Athletic Federation [10] as a searchable pdf, [11] from European Masters Athletics [12] as a searchable pdf [13] and from Museum of Masters Track & Field [14] as a searchable pdf. [15]

Masters world records set at this Championships are listed below.


Event Athlete(s) Nationality Performance
W90 200 Meters Olga Kotelko[15]: 570   CAN
W55 400 Meters Caroline Powell[15]: 503   GBR
W55 400 Meters Joylyn Saunders-Mullins[15]: 503 [16]  GBR
W40 4 x 100 Meters Relay Gianna Mogentale, Julie Brims, Jacqualine Bezuidenhout, Kylie Strong[1][15]: 456   AUS
W50 4 x 400 Meters Relay Laura Mahady, Jane Horder, Joylyn Saunders-Mullins, Caroline Powell[1][15]: 501   GBR
W70 Triple Jump Christiane Schmalbruch[15]: 554   GER
W90 High Jump Olga Kotelko[15]: 570   CAN
W50 Shot Put Alexandra Marghieva[1][15]: 489   MDA
W70 Discus Throw Tamara Danilova[15]: 540   RUS
W90 Discus Throw Olga Kotelko[1][15]: 571   CAN
W70 Javelin Throw Evaun Williams[15]: 555   GBR
W90 Throws Pentathlon Olga Kotelko[1][15]: 571 [17]  CAN


Event Athlete(s) Nationality Performance
M90 100 Meters Ugo Sansonetti[15]: 415   ITA
M70 400 Meters Guido Müller[15]: 338   GER
M90 400 Meters Ugo Sansonetti[15]: 415   ITA
M90 800 Meters Holger Josefsson[15]: 416   SWE
M90 1500 Meters Holger Josefsson[15]: 416   SWE
M65 100 Meters Hurdles Rolf Geese[15]: 305   GER
M85 80 Meters Hurdles Hugo Delgado[18][15]: 409   PER
M70 4 x 400 Meters Relay Willi Scheidt, Adolf Nehren, Willi Klaus, Guido Müller[1][15]: 372   GER


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