Armorial of schools in the United Kingdom

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    The official and historical coat of arms or 'full heraldic achievement' for UK schools, as granted by the College of Arms or Lyon Court, are presented herewith.

    A view of George Heriot's School from Greyfriars Churchyard, showing its shield of arms on the gate.

    Schools in England

    See Armorial of schools in England

    Schools in Northern Ireland

    Image Details
    Ballymena Academy Achievement.png Ballymena, granted 3 December 1958

    Escutcheon: Argent, a humet azure between in chief two dexter hands and in base an ant gules.
    Crest: On a wreath argent, azure and gules, In front of a demi badger proper, an ancient lamp Or enflamed, also proper.
    Motto: Tenax Proposti[1] (Firm of Purpose)

    Bangor Grammar School Escutcheon.png Bangor Grammar, granted 8 July 1954

    Escutcheon: Azure, within two bendlets, as many bendlets dancettee, all between two mullets Or; a bordure of the last.
    Crest: On a wreath of the colours, A griffin couchant, wings elevated and addorsed, Or.
    Motto: Justitiae Tenax[2] (Tenacious of Justice)

    Campbell College Shield.png Campbell, granted 30 September 1955

    Escutcheon: Gyronny of eight Or and sable, an open book proper, bound gules, edged and clasped gold; on a chief also gules a lion passant guardant of the first supporting with the dexter forepaw an ancient Irish bell argent.
    Crest: On a wreath argent and sable, In front of an Irish bell tower Or, a boar passant sable, armed and langued gold, charged on the body with a trefoil slipped argent.
    Motto: Ne Obliviscaris[3] (Do not Forget)

    Foyle, granted 31 March 1949

    Escutcheon: Quarterly argent, sable, azure and of the first, a cross quarterly gules and of the first between, in the first quarter a sword erect of the fourth, in the second quarter a tower of the first, in the third quarter a harp Or stringed of the first, and in the fourth quarter a hand appaumee couped at the wrist of the fourth.
    Crest: On a wreath Or and gules, A demi lion argent charged with a trefoil slipped vert and holding between the paws an open book proper, edged Or, thereon the figures 1617 gules.
    Motto: Ne Unquam Cesseris[4] (Never Give Up)
    Note: Foyle College revised the school emblem/ 'crest' in 2011

    Glenlola Collegiate School esutcheon.png Glenlola Collegiate, granted 20 September 1961

    Escutcheon: Azure, in base two bars wavy argent, issuant therefrom a cygnet rousant proper.
    Motto: Nisi Dominus Frustra[5] (Without the Lord, everything is in vain)

    Portadown College Escutcheon.png Portadown College, granted 12 March 1962

    Escutcheon: Argent, in chief between two lions rampant per fess gules and azure an ancient lamp of the last enflamed gules, and in base a like lion between two lozenges also gules.
    Crest: On a wreath of the colours, In front of a griffin's head argent, beaked .gules, between two wings silver, three lozenges also gules.
    Motto: Fortiter Et Humaniter[6] (With Courage and Courtesy)

    Portora Royal School coat of arms.png Portora Royal (closed 2016), granted 2 February 1954

    Escutcheon: Or, on a fesse sable between in chief an open book proper, edged gules, bound and inscribed with the Roman numerals MDCVIII of the second, and in base - a castle also proper, flying therefrom a banner of St. George, a harp between two fleurs-de-lys Or.
    Crest: On a wreath of the colours, A stag trippant proper, collared with a chain reflexed over the back Or, supporting with the dexter foreleg a staff of the last, flying therefrom a banner sable charged with a mural crown gold.
    Motto: Omnes Honorate[7] (Honour All)

    Royal Belfast coat of arms.png Royal Academical, granted 3 August 1951

    Escutcheon: Sable, between two Doric columns Or an open book proper, edged and bound of the second and inscribed in fesse with the Roman numerals MDCCCX of the first, in chief the Crown of Hanover gold.
    Crest: On a wreath of the colours, A seahorse erect Or supporting a torch of the last inflamed gold
    Motto: Quaerere Verum[8] (Search for the Truth)

    Victoria College Achievement.png Victoria, granted 27 April 1951

    Escutcheon: Per pale sanguine and sable, on the dexter a harp Or and on the sinister an open book proper, edged and bound gold; a chief vair, thereon a pale azure charged with a bee argent.
    Motto: Honor Fidelitas Praemium[9] (Esteem is the Reward of Virtue)

    Schools in Scotland

    Image Details
    Denny High, granted 22 April 1965

    Escutcheon: Parted per pale, dexter, per fess Azure and Vert, between a fess enarched Argent, masoned Sable, a demi-angel issuant from the fess Proper, attired Argent, celestially crowned and wings elevated Or, and in base a pale wavy Argent charged of two pallets wavy Azure; sinister, Argent, between a roundel embattled Sable voided of the field, in the honour point and a cinquefoil Gules in base, two palm branches slipped saltirewise Vert, and in chief an open book Or, fore-edges and binding Gules.
    Motto: Summa Peto[10] (Aim High)

    HIgh School of Dundee coat of arms.png Dundee High, granted 21 April 1938

    Escutcheon: 1st Gules, a celestial crown Or. 2nd Azure, the crosier of the Abbot of Lindores Or, surmounted of a saltire couped Argent. 3rd Azure a pot of three growing lilies Argent. 4th Or, a Doric Portico of four columns sable.
    Motto: Prestante Domino[11] (With God As Our Guide)

    Fettes College coat of arms.png Fettes, granted 16 December 1916

    Escutcheon: Or, a chevron between two mullets in chief and a cross crosslet fitched in base Gules.
    Crest: A bee volant Proper.
    Supporters: On the dexter side a lion Gules and on the sinister a stag Proper, gorged with a collar to which is affixed a chain passing between the fore legs and reflexed over the back Or.
    Motto: Industria[12] (Work Hard)

    GeorgeHeriot'sSchoolLogo.png George Heriot's, granted 3 January 1917 (adopted from arms of school founder)

    Escutcheon: Argent, on a fess Azure three cinquefoils of the field, in base a mullet Sable.
    Crest: A cornucopia Proper.
    Motto: I Distribute Chearfullie[13]

    Glasgow Academy coat of arms.png Glasgow Academy, granted at unknown date

    Escutcheon: The Bishop's Mitre of Saint Mungo on the upper left to represent the City of Glasgow, the Lion which represents Scotland on the upper right, the torch of learning on the lower right and three crosses of sacrifice chosen to recall "the perpetual mainspring of the school, the spirit of sacrifice and service" on the lower left. The school colours are heraldically represented originally as azure (blue) and argent (silver).
    Motto: Serva Fidem (Keep the Faith)

    HSoGBlazerPocket.jpg Glasgow High, granted 9 February 1919

    Escutcheon: Argent, on a mount in base an oak tree, the stem at the base surmounted of a salmon on its back with a signet ring in its mouth, on the top of the tree a redbreast and in the sinister fess point an ancient hand bell proper, on a chief Gules an open book also proper, leaved or between two wreaths of laurel Gold.
    Motto: Sursum Semper[14] (Always Aim High)

    Glenalmond College coat of arms.png Trinity, Glenalmond, granted 15 September 1898

    Escutcheon: Silver saltire cross on the blue ground of Saint Andrew, the national arms of Scotland. The fleur-de-lys is the emblem of the Trinity, while the sun and crescents are taken from the arms of Lothian and Buccleuch respectively.
    Motto: Soirbheachadh le Gleann Anuinn (Prosperity be to Glenalmond)

    Gordonstoun, granted 9 August 1957

    Escutcheon: Or a Lymphad contournée ramheaded and fishtail enarched Vert biremed oars Gules and under square-sail proper upon a sea in base wavy intradented Argent and Azure.
    Motto: Plus Et En Vous[15] (There is more in you)

    Keith Grammar, granted 18 January 1966

    Escutcheon: Tierced in pairle reversed; 1st, per pale dexter bendy of six Or and Azure within a bordure Gules; sinister Argent, an antique crown in chief Gules and a martlet in base Azure, on a chief of the last three fleurs-de-lys Or; 2nd, Argent, a lion passant guardant Gules, imperially crowned Or; 3rd, Vert, an escallop Or; and over all upon a chief Or three open books Proper, binding and fore-edges Azure.
    Motto: Do Ut Dus[16] (I give in order that you may give)

    Merchiston Castle School coat of arms.png Merchiston Castle School, granted at unknown date

    Escutcheon: Argent, a saltire engrailed between three roses gules and open book proper. Crest — A hand proper, holding a crescent or.
    Motto: Ready Ay Ready

    Queenanne.gif Queen Anne High, granted 21 August 1965

    Escutcheon: Per pale indented, dexter, Azure, upon a rock in base a tower Argent, masoned Sable, windows and port Gules, supported by two lions rampant of the Second, langued of the Fourth, all demidiated; Sinister, per fess Or and Gules, a lion passant Azure, langued Gules in chief, powdered by six hearts of the last, all in chief, and in base an open book Proper, binding and fore-edges Azure.
    Motto: Libertatem Per Probiatatem[17] (Freedom by Integrity)

    Q.H.S. Coat of Arms.png Queensferry High, granted 16 February 1970

    Escutcheon: Azure, a cross flory between four martlets Or, on a chief Argent three primroses Gules.
    Motto: Mente et Manu[18] (With Mind and Hand)

    RHS crest.png Royal High, granted 1920

    Escutcheon: Sable, a castle triple towered and embattled argent, masoned of the first, windows and doors open gules set upon a rock proper.
    Motto: Musis Respublica Floret (The State Flourishes with the Muses)

    St George's, granted 1988

    Escutcheon: On a shield of oval form Argent, on a cross cotised Gules a torteau fimbriated Argent charged of the figure of St. George riding to the sinister and slaying a dragon of the First, in dexter chief a torch endlamed of the Second and in an Escrol below the same this.

    Tynecastle High School Escutcheon.png Tynecastle High, granted 31 May 1966

    Escutcheon: Per pale Argent and Azure, a castle of two towers flagged each with postern and window, and portcullis raised, all counterchanged, and in chief a rose also counterchanged, and in base a crescent likewise counterchanged. [20]

    Schools in Wales

    Image Detail
    Christ College Brecon Coat of Arms.png
    Christ College, granted at unknown date

    Motto: Possunt Quia Posse Videntur ("They achieve because they think they can achieve")

    Dr Williams School Achievement.png Dr Williams (closed 1975), granted 27 October 1932

    Escutcheon: Or, a pile reversed sable ensigned on the top with a fire-beacon proper; on a chief of the second three mullets of six points of the first.
    Motto: Ardua Semper[21] (Always to strive)

    Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School (coat of arms).png Monmouth , granted 8 November 1570 to the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers who founded the school

    Escutcheon: Barry nebuly of six argent and azure, on a bend gules a lion passant [guardant] Or.
    Crest: On a wreath of the colours. Issuing from clouds two naked arms embowed holding a laurel wreath, all proper
    Supporters: On either side a goat of India argent. flecked gules, membered Or.
    Motto: Serve and obey

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