Harebreaks Wood

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    Harebreaks Wood is 5.1 hectare Local Nature Reserve in Watford in Hertfordshire. It is owned by Watford Borough Council and managed by the council and the Friends of Harebreaks Wood.[1][2]

    The site is semi-natural woodland of oak, ash and cherry, which goes back to at least 1600. It is a remnant of a much larger wood known in the nineteenth century as Longspring and Leggatts Wood, and was grazed by livestock. Birds include great-spotted woodpecker, treecreeper and nuthatch, and there mammals such as muntjac deer and pipistrelle bats.[3][4]

    There is access from Leggatts Way and The Harebreaks.


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    Coordinates: 51°40′51″N 0°24′32″W / 51.6808°N 0.4089°W / 51.6808; -0.4089