King of Street Wrestling

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King of Street Wrestling
BrandsDDT Pro-Wrestling
First eventKing of Street Wrestling
Event gimmickStreet fight tournament

The King of Street Wrestling (Japanese: 路上プロレス世界一決定戦~King of Street Wrestling~, Hepburn: Rojō Puroresu Sekaiichi Ketteisen: King of Street Wrestling) was a professional wrestling tournament organised by DDT Pro-Wrestling in its sub-brand Street Pro-Wrestling (路上プロレス, Rojō Puroresu), during which eight wrestlers from different promotions competed in street fights to determine who is the "best street wrestler in the world".[1] Chris Brookes won the tournament on April 23, 2022, by defeating Abdullah Kobayashi in the final.[2]


On March 20, 2022, at Judgement, it was announced that an eight-person street fight tournament would be held in April and broadcast on CyberFight's video on demand service Wrestle Universe.[3] Every participant would represent their hometown and a championship title they have held. On March 25, the bracket, the dates and locations of the first round matches were revealed during a press conference.[4]

Entrant Representing Title
Japan Sanshiro Takagi Setagaya KO-D Openweight Championship
Japan Shunma Katsumata Chiba DDT Extreme Championship
United Kingdom Chris Brookes United Kingdom DDT Universal Championship
Thailand Worawutnoi Keatchaiyong Thailand Surat Thani Province S Featherweight Championship
Japan Hikaru Machida Akiruno WPMF World Super Featherweight Championship
Onryo "The Spirit World" 666 Chaos Openweight Championship
Japan Suzu Suzuki Miyazaki ICE×∞ Championship
Japan Abdullah Kobayashi Yokohama BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship


The tournament was held between April 10 and 23.

First round
(April 10)
(April 16)
(April 23)
Studio Flamme, Shin-Kiba, Tokyo
United Kingdom Chris BrookesCasket[a]
Fumotoppara Campground, Shizuoka
United Kingdom Chris BrookesSub
Enoshima Beach, Fujisawa
Japan Hikaru Machida22:24[6]
Japan Hikaru MachidaKO[b]
Kawanakajima Battleground, Nagano
Thailand Worawutnoi Keatchaiyong3R 1:20[5]
United Kingdom Chris BrookesPin
BJW Dojo, Yokohama
Japan Abdullah Kobayashi20:55[2]
Japan Abdullah KobayashiPin
Ofuronokuni Sauna, Yokohama
Japan Sanshiro Takagi13:02[5]
Japan Abdullah KobayashiPin
Kitaya Park, Shibuya, Tokyo
Japan Shunma Katsumata22:07[6]
Japan Shunma KatsumataPin
Japan Suzu Suzuki17:18[5]

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  1. ^ This was a Casket Match.
  2. ^ This match was fought in rounds of 3 minutes.


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