Masters M60 discus world record progression

Masters M60 discus world record progression is the progression of world record improvements of the discus M60 division of Masters athletics. Records must be set in properly conducted, official competitions under the standing IAAF rules unless modified by World Masters Athletics.

The M60 division consists of male athletes who have reached the age of 60 but have not yet reached the age of 65, so exactly from their 60th birthday to the day before their 65th birthday. The M60 division throws a 1 kg implement.[1]


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Distance Athlete Nationality Birthdate Location Date
66.36 Klaus Liedtke  Germany 05.01.1941 Schwerte 19.05.2001
65.40 Klaus Albers  Germany 12.01.1940 Beverstedt 03.09.2000
60.56 Peter Speckens  Germany 28.05.1935 Wuppertal 29.09.1996
58.96 Enrique Helf  Argentina 09.08.1932 Zorneding 16.04.1994
57.86 Carmelo Rado  Italy 04.08.1933 Biella 14.09.1993
57.60 Wendell Palmer  United States 22.04.1932 Texas 24.04.1992
57.06 Kauko Jouppila  Finland 03.03.1921 Strasbourg 16.07.1982
53.42 Konstantin Maksimczyk  United Kingdom 10.06.1914 Bristol 08.06.1978


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