Masters M70 long jump world record progression

This is the progression of world record improvements of the long jump M70 division of Masters athletics.


  Incomplete information   Pending   Indoor mark
IAAF includes indoor marks in the record list since 2000, but WMA does not follow that practice.

Distance Wind Athlete Nationality Birthdate Location Date
5.22 i Vladimir Popov  Russia 08.07.1932 Moscow 20.03.2004
5.19 -0.8 Melvin Larsen  United States 12.06.1924 Eugene 12.08.1994
4.98 -1.5 Gudmund Skrivervik  Norway 18.04.1921 Turku 25.07.1991
4.96 Mazumi Morita  Japan 17.07.1913 15.10.1983
4.83 Heikki Simola  Finland 16.01.1912 Strasbourg 00.07.1982


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