I believe there is nothing better than the elite athlete – The Olympian – as the subject matter for study, inspiration and artistic expression and interpretation. Artists paint bouquets of flowers, bowls of fruit, landscapes, portraits and nudes so why not Olympians – can there be anything better then looking at an athlete at the peak of their career, in top physical condition, competing in a variety of sports, demonstrating mastery in their respective disciplines? I think not!


I included a painting of my former rival Uwe Hohn in this “Olympian” section because while he is not an Olympian due to geopolitics l wanted to pay tribute to what a phenomenal athlete he was and his mind boggling javelin World Record of 104.80m!!!

Roald Bradstock

Olympic Fencing

Many people are unaware that IOC President Thomas Bach is the 1976 Olympic Champion in Fencing.

In this 12-panel collage l wanted to celebrate a dozen American Olympic running legends. I am extremely grateful to all 12 athletes who gave me their signatures to incorporate into this piece.

Celebrating 12 American Runners

by Roald Bradstock       Medium: Construction Paper
12 Panel Paper Collage (with all 12 Signatures)