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Throwing Things

For years l struggled with how to balance my artistic career with my athletic career. They both demanded so much of my time and effort and they where so different. But about twenty years ago l came to the realization that they weren’t different at all – they were actually the same! When l came to that understanding l pushed it even further blending the two together. I focused on sport as the subject matter for my artwork and took art out to the sports world, turning the javelin runway into a fashion runway and turning my outfits into a living, moving canvas.

(outfits, objects, antics)

I changed my perspective of throwing javelin from just an athletic endeavor to that of an artistic display. But l needed to do more than just think it. I needed to feel and be seen as an artist so l started painting my outfits.

I started throwing bizarre objects and posting YouTube videos when I changed my view of a javelin as just a stick. If all my “Official” records were for throwing a stick them l thought why not start throwing and measuring other random things. If l was the first to throw and measure a new object l could claim a new World Record albeit “unofficial”.

Battle of the Generations
Roald Bradstock vs Matti Mortimore

Roald Bradstock
July 4th, 2008 – 7th Olympic Trials – NBC

The Art of Being Chuck Pharr!
The Man that will throw anything.

Roald Bradstock with
Norwegian Comedian Magnus Devold

Roald Bradstock’s javelin throw and
BBC interview at the 2012 UK Olympic Trials

UK Javelin Age Group Record

Worlds Longest Snowball Throw ever
………………………………………..or is it???