Art of the Olympians/Al Oerter Foundation

Art of the Olympians / Al Oerter Foundation

In 2005 l was asked to join a small group of Olympian artists by none other than the late great 4-time consecutive Olympic Discus Champion Al Oerter who was also an abstract painter. I was one of 12 founding members of this organization and program called Art of the Olympians ( AOTO) and in 2015 became the executive director. AOTO is run by the Al Oerter Foundation (AOF) and now has over 100 Olympic and Paralympic members on its roster from dozens of countries all over their world.


AOTO’s members include:  Rink Babka , Carl Borack , Roald Bradstock, Greg Burns , Chris Coleman , Skip Cutting , Joseph Dube , Jean-Blaise Evéquoz , Peggy Fleming , Simon Goody , Shane Gould , Martin Hagen , Florence Griffith-Joyner , Kader Klouchi , Bill Kund , Queen Kyomo , Nancy Lewington , Vincent Mathews , Lucia Medzihradská , Tony Moore , Cameron Myler , Al Oerter , Emanuela Pierantozzi , Peter Schifrin , Kate Schmidt , John Stillings , Allison Wagner , Larry Young , Wojciech Zablocki , Lynda Blutriech , Robin Cousins , Neil Eckersley , Kevin McMahon , Tasha Danvers , Chris Channon , Breaux Greer , Brenden Reilly , Bob Beamon , Amy Acuff , Rafer Johnson , Gary Visconti , Shevon Stoddart , Birgit Fischer , Eric Josjö , Jamie Nieto , Alex Fong , Michelle Campi , Prince Hubertus of Hohenlohe-Langenburg , Cheung Ho Lun, Kevin Young , Corinna West, John NaberBrent Hayden , Tom Lough , Valerie Gruest , Ciara Michel Corinne Le Moal , John MacLeod Hannah Wilkinson , Annabel Eyres Sarah Konrad , Kelly Salchow Macarther David Hart , Arnaud Assoumani Greg Louganis Beth Livingstone , Justyn Warner

An International Show Featuring Olympian Artists

Art Of The Olympians talks with Harry Smith on CBS Morning News
AOTO talks with Harry Smith on CBS Morning News

AOTO United Nations and N.Y. Times Square

Art of the Olympians Museum

St Lawrence High School, Kolkata, India