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To celebrates the 25-year anniversary of my first Olympic Rings painting l decided to create another one, my fifth to be exact, in this on-going series. I think of this Olympic Ring series a little like Claude Monet’s Haystacks and Cathedral paintings that are –  Read-more–>

Roald Bradstock

@ Peace and Sport International Forum 2017

I was honored to be invited to be the lead artist in the first ever Olympian Artist-in-Residence program during the 2018 Winter Olympics in –  Read-more–>

Roald Bradstock’s 50th Record

British Masters Javelin Record: 59.78m!

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In 1968, aged 6, l watched the Mexico Olympic Games in awe and knew then l wanted to be an Olympian.


But l also wanted to be an artist which seemed to be going in a completely different direction. 


In 1984 my goal of becoming an Olympic athlete became a reality when l made my first (of two) Olympic teams for Great Britain  and competed in the 1984 Olympic Games.


In 2000 my dream of becoming an Olympic artist came to fruition when l won the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) painting competition and was then USA’s representative in the 2000 Sidney Olympic Games International Olympic Exhibition and Competition held at the IOC’s Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland as part of the cultural events around the 2000 Olympics.


In total l have competed as an athlete in 2 Olympic Games ( GB ‘84 & ‘88), been an Olympic alternate in 2 more (GB ‘92 & US ‘96) and competed in 8 Olympic Trials.


I am now also 3-time Olympic Artist (USA 2000, IOC 2018, GB 2021)


I have become known in the media as “The Olympic Picasso” for my ideas and antics that combine the two universal languages of sport and art.


I am the Executive Director Art of the Olympians (AOTO) organization and program of 100+ Olympian and Paralympian artists. I am also a member of the IOC’s Olympic Culture & Heritage Commission, and Chair of the World Olympians Association’s (WOA’s) Arts Committee (OLY-Arts)