Collage Sequences

“UK’s Two 91-Meter Javelin Men”

Steve Backley & Roald Bradstock

The Olympic Movement Series

A long, long, LONG time ago – way back in 1985 – l threw 91.40m with the “Old Rule” javelin in Arlington, Texas, USA for my 3rd British Record and 1st Commonwealth Record. In the 1990’s Steve Backley threw 91.46m with the “New Rule” javelin.

Both Records still stand today!

Steve was gracious enough to sign each and everyone of the collages in this javelin throwing sequence of me throwing my record, making for a very unique piece of art and memorabilia of Britain’s two 91 meter men.

Steve Backley & Roald Bradstock

The 27 Piece Olympic Movement Series

signed by

Steve Backley & Roald Bradstock

2 colors
Black & Red

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3 colors
Red  White  & Blue

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5 colors
Black Red Blue Yellow & Green

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186 collages, 3 different collages (62 per sequence) of Javelin Commonwealth Record Holder Steve Backley 91.46m /300ft.

The Greatest Masters Athlete ever : Phil Raschker

Roald Bradstock, aka “The Olympic Picasso”, creates another innovative video that blends Art and Sport. In this latest release his subject is two time Sullivan Award finalist and multiple World Master Champion and World Record Holder “Phil” Raschker. A video sequence of “Phil” long jumping was transformed into 38 collages and then shown in sequence and put to music – quite appropriately: “The Star Spangled Banner”. This collage sequence is now part of the United States Sports Academy and American Sport Art Museum & Archives collection


The Greatest javelin thrower ever : JAN ŽELEZNÝ

Jan Železný (Czech pronunciation: [jan ˈʒɛlɛzniː] born 16 June 1966) is a Czech former track and field athlete who competed in the javelin throw. He is a World and Olympic champion and holds the world record with a throw of 98.48 metres (323 ft 1 in). Widely considered to be the greatest javelin thrower of the modern era, he also has the fourth, fifth and sixth best performances of all time. He broke the world record a total of four times.

Jan Železný