Masters M45 hammer throw world record progression

Masters M45 hammer throw world record progression is the progression of world record improvements of the hammer throw M45 division of Masters athletics. Records must be set in properly conducted, official competitions under the standing IAAF rules unless modified by World Masters Athletics.

The M45 division consists of male athletes who have reached the age of 45 but have not yet reached the age of 50, so exactly from their 45th birthday to the day before their 50th birthday. The M45 division throws exactly the same 7.257 kg implement as the Open division.[1] Most of these competitors all threw their records in open competition. In 1922 through 1925 Matt McGrath threw 49.89, 51.14, 52.53 and 54.09.


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Distance Athlete Nationality Birthdate Location Date
79.42 Aleksandr Dryhol  Ukraine 25.04.1966 Jablonec 29.04.2012
78.47 Aleksandr Dryhol  Ukraine 25.04.1966 Donetsk 13.04.2012
75.27 Aleksandr Dryhol  Ukraine 25.04.1966 Kyiv 20.07.2011
70.36 Mick Jones  United Kingdom 23.07.1963 London 05.06.2010
67.74 Yuriy Sedykh  Ukraine 11.06.1955 Clermont Ferrand 20.05.2001
64.70 Dave McKenzie  United States 10.05.1949 Sacramento 04.06.1995
63.46 Murofushi Shigenobu  Japan 02.10.1945 Miyazaki 13.10.1993
62.86 Srecko Stiglic  Yugoslavia 11.06.1943 Sarajevo 04.09.1988
62.52 Hans Pötsch  Austria 20.03.1933 Dornbirn 18.07.1981
61.20 Guy Husson  France 02.03.1931 Aix les Bains 12.09.1976
60.32 Josef Matoušek  Czechoslovakia 07.09.1928 Jablonec 25.05.1974
57.51 Karl Storch  Germany 21.08.1913 Wetzlar 28.06.1959


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