2003 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships

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2003 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships
DatesJune 19–22
Host cityPalo Alto, California
VenueCobb Track & Angell Field
Events40 (men: 20; women: 20)

The 2003 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships was organised by USA Track & Field and held from June 19 to 22 at the Cobb Track & Angell Field in Palo Alto, California. The four-day competition served as the national championships in track and field for the United States and also the trials for the 2003 World Championships in Athletics.[1]

It was the second consecutive time that the stadium in Palo Alto had held the combined gender national track and field event.[2] The Cobb Track & Angell Field, connected to Stanford University, was the host of the annual Payton Jordan U.S. Open – a high-profile mixed senior and college level meet.[3][4][5] The USA Junior Championships were held in conjunction with the event and the events served as selection for the 2003 Pan American Junior Athletics Championships.[6] Senior performances also informed the team selection for the athletics sections of the 2003 Pan American Games and 2003 Summer Universiade.[7]

Gail Devers had a fifth consecutive win in the women's 100 m hurdles, bringing her career total to nine national hurdles titles. Stacy Dragila also had her fifth straight win, bringing her total to seven titles. Marla Runyan won her third straight title in the 5000 m,[8] while David Krummenacker achieved the same feat in the men's 800 m. Hurdler Allen Johnson extended his unbeaten streak to four titles, bringing him to a career sum of six. Breaux Greer won his fourth title to remain unbeaten in the men's javelin since 2000.[9]

There was extensive doping at the competition, with national champions Kelli White (100 m and 200 m), Regina Jacobs (1500 m), Eric Thomas (400 m hurdles), Kevin Toth (shot put), and Melissa Price (hammer) all subsequently having their national titles removed from the record. Then-world record holder Tim Montgomery was also later disqualified, having finished as men's 100 m runner-up. The men's 400 m runner-up Calvin Harrison and women's 400 m hurdles third placer Sandra Glover had their performances annulled due to doping as well.[10]



 Not selected for World Championships in Athletics due to failure to reach IAAF qualifying standard within the specified time limit[11]

 Denied national team selection as another athlete subsequently banned for doping was sent to the World Championships in Athletics instead.[12]

Men track events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 meters[dq1]
Wind +1.6
Bernard Williams 10.11 Jon Drummond 10.18 Coby Miller 10.23
200 meters
Wind +0.1
Darvis Patton 20.15 John Capel 20.17 Joshua J. Johnson 20.22
400 meters[dq2] Tyree Washington 44.33 Jerome Young 44.79 Derrick Brew 45.05
800 meters David Krummenacker 1:45.53 Khadevis Robinson 1:46.21 Jonathon Johnson 1:46.76
1500 meters Jason Lunn 3:44.00 Bryan Berryhill 3:44.30 Grant Robison 3:44.83
5000 meters Tim Broe 13:35.23 Adam Goucher 13:35.67 Jorge Torres 13:36.42
10,000 meters Alan Culpepper 27:55.36 Meb Keflezighi 27:57.59 Dan Browne 28:03.48
110 m hurdles
Wind -2.4
Allen Johnson 13.37 Terrence Trammell 13.38 Larry Wade 13.43
400 m hurdles[dq3] Bershawn Jackson 49.01 Joey Woody 49.22 James Carter 49.23
3000 m s'chase Steve Slattery 8:23.58 Daniel Lincoln 8:24.10 Robert Gary 8:24.82
20,000 m walk Kevin Eastler 1:23:52.20 Tim Seaman 1:24:47.37 John Nunn 1:25:15.89

Men field events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
High jump Jamie Nieto 2.30 m (7 ft 6+12 in) Matt Hemingway 2.27 m (7 ft 5+14 in) Terrance Woods 2.27 m (7 ft 5+14 in)
Pole vault Jeff Hartwig 5.70 m (18 ft 8+14 in) Derek Miles 5.70 m (18 ft 8+14 in) Timothy Mack 5.70 m (18 ft 8+14 in)
Long jump Dwight Phillips 8.24 m (27 ft 14 in) Walter Davis 8.24 m (27 ft 14 in) Savanté Stringfellow 8.22 m (26 ft 11+12 in)
Triple jump Kenta Bell 17.59 m (57 ft 8+12 in) Walter Davis 17.55 m (57 ft 6+34 in) Tim Rusan 17.19 m (56 ft 4+34 in)
Shot put[dq4] John Godina 21.04 m (69 ft 14 in) Reese Hoffa 20.64 m (67 ft 8+12 in) Adam Nelson 20.61 m (67 ft 7+14 in)
Discus throw Carl Brown 66.66 m (218 ft 8+14 in) Adam Setliff 62.92 m (206 ft 5 in) Doug Reynolds 62.71 m (205 ft 8+34 in)
Hammer throw James Parker 73.04 m (239 ft 7+12 in) Patrick McGrath 72.12 m (236 ft 7+14 in) Tom Freeman 70.08 m (229 ft 11 in)
Javelin throw Breaux Greer 79.37 m (260 ft 4+34 in) Rob Minnitti 77.21 m (253 ft 3+34 in) Joshua Johnson 76.16 m (249 ft 10+14 in)
Decathlon Tom Pappas 8784 pts Bryan Clay 8482 pts Paul Terek 8275 pts

Women track events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 meters[dq5]
Wind -1.1
Torri Edwards 11.13 Gail Devers 11.16 Inger Miller 11.17
200 meters[dq6]
Wind +0.0
Torri Edwards 22.45 Allyson Felix 22.59 LaTasha Jenkins 22.65
400 meters Sanya Richards 51.01 Demetria Washington 51.54 DeeDee Trotter 51.78
800 meters Jearl Miles Clark 1:58.84 Nicole Teter 1:59.91 Jen Toomey 2:00.12
1500 meters[dq7] Suzy Favor Hamilton 4:03.70 Tiffany McWilliams 4:10.85 Collette Liss 4:11.04
5000 meters Marla Runyan 15:16.18 Shalane Flanagan 15:20.54 Shayne Culpepper 15:23.59
10,000 meters Deena Drossin 31:28.97 Elva Dryer 31:35.74 Katie McGregor 31:54.78
100 m hurdles
Wind -0.1
Gail Devers 12.61 Miesha McKelvy-Jones 12.62 Jenny Adams 12.68
400 m hurdles[dq8] Raasin McIntosh 54.62 Joanna Hayes 54.76 Brenda Taylor 55.60
3000 m s'chase[note1] Briana Shook 9:44.71 Kathryn Andersen 9:47.17 Lisa Nye 9:49.14
20,000 m walk Michelle Rohl 1:34:31.06 Joanne Dow 1:34:57.79 Teresa Vaill 1:36:38.38

Women field events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
High jump Amy Acuff 1.95 m (6 ft 4+34 in) Gwen Wentland
Tisha Waller
1.92 m (6 ft 3+12 in) Not awarded
Pole vault Stacy Dragila 4.50 m (14 ft 9 in) Jillian Schwartz 4.40 m (14 ft 5 in) Mary Sauer
Becky Holliday
4.35 m (14 ft 3+14 in)
Long jump Grace Upshaw 6.64 m (21 ft 9+14 in) Rose Richmond 6.56 m (21 ft 6+14 in)w Jenny Adams 6.45 m (21 ft 1+34 in)
Triple jump Yuliana Pérez 14.23 m (46 ft 8 in) Tiombe Hurd 13.96 m (45 ft 9+12 in) Nicole Gamble 13.90 m (45 ft 7 in)
Shot put Kristin Heaston 18.33 m (60 ft 1+12 in) Seilala Sua 17.69 m (58 ft 14 in) Laura Gerraughty 17.61 m (57 ft 9+14 in)
Discus throw Aretha Hill 63.98 m (209 ft 10+34 in) Suzy Powell 62.58 m (205 ft 3+34 in) Seilala Sua 60.01 m (196 ft 10+12 in)
Hammer throw[dq9] Anna Mahon 69.04 m (226 ft 6 in) Dawn Ellerbe 66.76 m (219 ft 14 in) Jukina Dickerson 65.58 m (215 ft 1+34 in)
Javelin throw Erica Wheeler 56.85 m (186 ft 6 in) Kim Kreiner 56.39 m (185 ft 0 in) Denise O'Connell 53.38 m (175 ft 1+12 in)
Heptathlon Shelia Burrell 6159 pts Kim Schiemenz 6003 pts Tiffany Lott-Hogan 5843 pts


Doping was widespread at the 2003 USA Championships. A year after the competition, hurdler Brenda Taylor revealed she was offered banned substance modafinil and claimed that she thought she was "the only person that didn't take it".[14] This followed the revelation that several athletes had tested positive for that drug at the championships and received bans from the sport, including Kelli White, Chryste Gaines, Sandra Glover and Eric Thomas and John McEwen. The governing body USA Track & Field was criticised for not acting more quickly in reporting the failed tests. Despite the failed drug test, the American body failed to report this to the International Association of Athletics Federations until after she had won gold medals in both the 100 m and 200 m at the World Championships.[15]

Others to later have their national championship results be disqualified for doping were: Regina Jacobs, Damu Cherry, Melissa Price, Tim Montgomery, Calvin Harrison, Alvin Harrison and Kevin Toth.[10] Many of these athlete bans were related to the BALCO scandal and the use of Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG).[16]

World Championships qualification

Automatic byes

A total of five American athletes were eligible for automatic byes into the 2003 World Championships in Athletics as a result of their being the defending champions from the 2001 World Championships in Athletics. All the athletes used their byes.[12][17]

Non-top three selections

Men's shot put fourth placer Christian Cantwell would have been given the fourth national team spot due to Godina's bye, but was omitted as Kevin Toth, whose performance was later disqualified for doping, was chosen instead.[10]

Sam Burley, sixth in the men's 800 m, was given the third national team place as the highest finisher with the "A" qualifying standard. Chris Phillips, fourth in the men's 110 m hurdles, was selected as a result of Allen Johnson's bye. Tora Harris was given the third men's high jump spot for his fifth-place finish as he was the only other athlete with the "A" standard. Low finishers in the men's discus were selected by merit of having the standard – Nick Petrucci had come fifth while Casey Malone was ninth nationally.[12]

None of the top three finishers in the women's 5000 m had the "A" qualifying standard so Lauren Fleshman, fourth in Palo Alto, was the United States' sole World Championships representative in the event. Women's discus third placer Seilala Sua did not reach the standard so fourth place Kris Kuehl was selected instead.[12]


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