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Olympic Agora website

Where Sport Meets Arts and Culture

The Olympic Agora is a lively cultural destination in the host city of the Olympic Games, with dynamic exhibitions, artistic interventions, special events and digital activations.

As every edition of the Olympic Games is played out in an atmosphere of excellence, friendship and respect, there is also an indisputable and profound cultural impact on the host nation and global society at large. The Games unite the world in an unparalleled manner, and this is the foundation on which the Olympic Movement aims to build a better world, through a confluence of sport, culture and education.

Taking forward this spirit and the “Agora” tradition from ancient Greece, the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage brings a unique cultural project to the host city during the Olympic Games. Inspired by the original concept of a social hub, and in-keeping with the prevailing health measures, the Olympic Agora is a vibrant public space for cross-cultural dialogue and the expression of arts, culture, creativity and the values linked to the Olympic Games. This convergence of sport and culture delivers messages of global solidarity, resilience and hope. Especially in these challenging times, it underlines the Olympic Movement’s commitment to creating opportunities for cultural experiences, both on site and online.


Creating a confluence of sport, art and culture, the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage brings the Ancient Greek tradition of the Agora to the Olympic Games.
Ancient Greek towns had an agora – a vibrant public space where people gathered to eat, drink, sing, buy, sell, exchange ideas and revel in urban life. In its form today, the programme brings to life the interconnections between sport and culture, inviting the public to explore timeless Olympic ideals and the far-reaching cultural and social impact of the Olympic Games.

“With these innovative, artistic and cultural programmes, we can spread the Olympic Movement’s vision to build a better world, as we celebrate global solidarity.”
-Angelita Teo

Director of the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage

About the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage

The Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage is at the heart of the IOC’s cultural and educational activities, one of the driving forces behind the international promotion and dissemination of Olympism. It manages different forms of the IOC’s heritage. It fosters the creation and dissemination of Olympic knowledge. It supports and produces wide-reaching and innovative programmes within the Olympic Movement and beyond, embracing different forms of expression. It coordinates all Olympic stakeholders and communities related to culture and education.
The Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage includes IOC Heritage Management, the Olympic Studies Centre, The Olympic Museum and International Cultural Affairs.

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